screen shot of a lecturing Dr. Gennaro

Dr. Steve Gennaro has a PhD from McGill University that explores the intersections of media, technology, psychology, and youth identity. He completed a Postdoc in Philosophy of Education at UCLA with Douglas Kellner, and has worked with local school boards like the Toronto District and York Catholic District School Boards, NGOs such as War Child and Free the Children, and Governing bodies including Canada Soccer in areas related to teaching & learning. He is one of the founding members of the Children, Childhood, and Youth Studies Program at York University, where he has taught in the Department of Humanities and the Department of Communication Studies for close to two decades, with more than a decade of experience teaching online.  He is the author of Selling Youth (2010) and regularly publishes in areas related to the philosophy of technology and critical media studies of youth identity and politics.

contact: sgennaro@yorku.ca

Updated May 9, 2020