Steve Gennaro PhD

         A Cultural Historian of Globalization, Media and Youth


Spring/Summer 2013

Dr. Steve Gennaro

Dr. Steve Gennaro

Dr. Steve Gennaro is a cultural historian of media and youth whose work explores the intersections between media, youth culture, and civil society.

Currently his work examines the changing role of “information” and “knowledge” in light of social media like Facebook and Twitter and uses critical theory to question the implications for democracy and civil society in an era of globalization and media spectacle.

Dr. Gennaro’s work places a particular emphasis on how digital spaces can be seen as political opportunities for citizenship and activism for marginalized groups who are often denied voice and access to channels of power in the decision making process when the decisions directly affect their lives.

Dr. Gennaro teaches in the Department of Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada, in the areas of Digital Humanities, Cultural Studies of Media, Globalization Studies, Children’s Studies and Science and Technology Studies.


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